cooks oldIn the early 1800’s, a Methodist circuit rider traveling down a dusty wagon trail paused to rest under a great oak tree at the crest of a hill. Suddenly it came to him that here was a place of worship. He knelt down and prayed to the Lord to help him build a church on that spot.

Later, about 1819, a plot of land was given by the Cook family, and the old Cook’s Campground was organized. Here, men and women came to worship under a brush arbor. In the mid 1840’s the first sanctuary was built. That small one-room building was later replaced by a larger structure in the 1890’s.

For nearly 200 years, Cook’s Methodist has served as a beacon of hope in Mount Juliet & West Wilson County. God continues to work through this congregation to love and serve others, and we are confident that God will continue to use us as we strive to live out our purpose: To make followers of Jesus Christ who love and serve others.